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2/7/2018 12:13:13 PM

An alternative to the big three, Political Party in the province is hosting a press conference where they hope to sway some party faithful from other associations. The Trillium Party of Ontario was formed in 2014 after the leader of the party, Bob Yaciuk became unsatisfied after 30 years working with the Conservatives, Reform Party and the Canadian Alliance Party. Derek Sharp, who is running in Northumberland-Peterborough South, says they offer something that the other parties aren't. ------------

------------ They are announcing the formation of their Riding Association for Northumberland-Peterborough South on Feb. 12. Everyone interested in finding out what the Trillium Party of Ontario has to offer is invited to attend. It's happening at Gilligan's Pub in Colborne at 7 p.m.    

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