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2/12/2018 12:27:54 PM

A pedistrian was struck at the Tracks at D'Arcy by University Street in Cobourg. Police say someone was hit by a VIA train around 9 a.m. Cobourg Police Sgt. Kerr tells us more.

    Cobourg EMS tell MBC the victim is a female - no word yet on the age of the person who was struck by the train. The train remains stopped on-site. At the time of the police release, no foul play is suspected. The local corner has been requested to attend, and Coburg police and CN police are actively working to investigate the scene and identify the female. Cobourg Police are advising that, while the investigation continues, the crossing at D'Arcy Street has now been cleared of the VIA Rail train and local vehicle traffic may now proceed.    

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