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3/14/2018 11:15:16 AM

Politicians of all stripes seem to have an opinion on new Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford. Ford won the party's leadership election over the weekend. Liberal MPP For Northumberland-Quinte West Lou Rinaldi says that he sees parallels between Ford and US President Donald Trump.

    Rinaldi says that he is concerned with the PC party's idea that if you cut taxes, everything will fix itself. He is also concerned for future generations as he says that the conservatives are ignoring the environment. PC candidate for Northumberland - Peterborough South David Piccini says that he believes that Ontarians are ready to simplify governance.

    Piccini says he thinks the race was so close because of the quality of the candidates and the party member's appetite for change. He says that he is looking forward to working with Ford heading into June's election.
(Photo Credit: Office of PC Leader Doug Ford)    

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