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5/14/2018 5:29:45 AM

A Belleville police officer was the recipient of the Award of Valor at the Ontario Women in Law Enforcement Annual Awards Ceremony. The award given to a police officer who distinguishes herself by an act of extraordinary selflessness, personal bravery, courage or self-sacrifice, went Constable Jen McMurter. Belleville Police platoon officers received a call that there were shots fired, people shot, with a shooter that might still be inside of a residence in the city's east end on Jan. 8. Three brave officers, including Constable McMurter, entered the house without regard for their safety. McMurter was the first to reach the children and two adults on the second floor where she immediately began administering lifesaving first aid trying to stop blood from a gunshot wound. The gunshot victim would have died if the officers did not enter that house with the speed and courage that they did. They saved this man's life by placing themselves in a situation of extreme peril as he would have easily bled out in a few more moments.


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