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6/11/2018 11:21:05 AM

A public safety notice for residents of the area. In the interest of public safety Cobourg Police Service are notifying the public of two reported incidents involving what is believed to involve the same male. It was reported to police that on Tuesday evening, a female was approached by a male in the parking lot of a business located in the west end of Cobourg, making unwanted advances on the victim. The male is described as in his 70s, about five feet, eigh inches tall, with a thin build, blue eyes and short silver hair. The male left driving a small black SUV believed to be a Lexus. Then the next day, another incident involving a male with similar description was reported to police. The complainant reported the male approached her while she was in her driveway offering her a teddy bear for her child. She felt this to be odd behavior. In this incident the male was reported to be driving a dark small SUV. You can find a photo of the male and a vehicle likeness at and our Facebook pages.    

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