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7/6/2018 7:27:24 AM

This year's campaign chair for the United Way of Peterborough and District has been revealed.

Our very own Megan Murphy will be leading the charge when the annual fundraising effort kicks off in the fall.

    Murphy says she began to learn more about what the United Way does several years ago, after returning to Peterborough and getting a different perspective on her home town.

     While making her decision, Murphy says she leaned on a number of people for advice, including last year's chair Neil Morton.

    She says she took some time to chat with past board chairs before deciding to take on the roll. Not only does she work with us here at My Broadcasting Corporation, but she is also an actress, short film maker, writer, and public speaker. This is the United Way's 77th community campaign. The goal for this years campaign will be revealed in the September.    

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