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7/12/2018 6:37:17 AM

Northumberland Paramedics equip Cobourg waterfront with AEDs. Northumberland Paramedics have partnered with the Town of Cobourg to station two automated external defibrillators at the waterfront for use during the busy summer season. AEDs are portable medical devices that offer immediate life-saving support to victims of sudden heart complications until paramedics arrive. Immediate
cardiopulmonary resuscitation in combination with early access to automated defibrillation may increase the chance of survival for a victim of sudden cardiac arrest by 75% or more. Northumberland Paramedics Chief Bill Detlor tells us more about this intiative.

    The devices are located at the waterfront tourism information booth near the canteen and splash pad. In 2017, Northumberland Paramedics fundraising efforts resulted in the dona­tion of six AEDs to community organizations through the Public Access Defib­rillator Program. In addition to donations, Northumberland Paramedics also participates in community AED education and information sessions. Rep­resentatives will participate in Cobourg waterfront's emergency response drill on July 28. Detlor adds that he encourages residents to get the CPR course completed to help save a life. Community organizations interested in applying to receive an AED through the Northumberland Paramedics PAD Program may submit an application to The PAD Program application form is available at:
(Photo Credit: Northumberland County)    

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