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7/12/2018 6:40:07 AM

Northumberland County will be changing the way they collect waste in 2019. As part of their goal to achieve 75 per cent waste diversion to local landfils, Northumberland County Council agreed to add a week green bin in September of next year and transition to a dual stream recycling program. In a release sent to the newsroom, the county estimates that the average household garbage bag are 60% organic waste and they anticipate this change will di­vert a minimum of 3000 tonnes of waste annually from our landfill. This program will require residents to sort their recyclables, placing household containers including plastic bottles, cans and cartons in a blue bin and paper materials in a grey bin. The green, grey and blue bins used for the programs will be deliv­ered to residents by Northumberland County in the summer of 2019.
(Photo Credit: Northumberland County)    

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