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8/9/2018 9:14:15 AM

It's summer time and with the recent heat waves we have experienced it's nice to sit down with a cold treat. Today is Miracle Treat Day - Canadian Dairy Queen locations are doing something special by donating the net proceeds to the Children's Miracle Network from every Dairy Queen Blizzard that is sold. The youngest multi-organ transplant recipient in the world resides in Northumberland. Sarah Marshall is encouraging local residents to take part in Miracle Treat Day. She explains where the funds raised goes - adding it helped her when she needed it most.


Sarah was born in 1997 and was diagnosed shortly after her birth with a rare congenital form of intestinal obstruction. The Children's Miracle Network provides care to over 10 million children each year - For the last 15 years, this program has raised well over $135 million.    

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